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Face Cover back and slammed into the head of Shouyi, making a clam Face Cover sound.As soon as Face Cover Shouyi was hit hard, he suddenly fell to the ground.It seemed that even the consciousness was almost unconscious.Ye Han suddenly stunned, did not expect that he was ready to be seriously injured, and the result was saved.At the same time, Xuanwei, who quickly chased in the other direction, did not worry.This opportunity urged the Face Cover emphasis on the Xuanta to Face Cover be Face Cover abolishedCountless iron cables came out of the heavy tower and suddenly slammed the life.And then pulled into the heavy tower. Ye Han returned to God, but his gaze immediately saw that the silver flashed and returned to the direction in which it appeared.He immediately looked over there and saw dozens of miles away.On a hill, several figures stood there, faintly the few people he had inadvertently saved, and that one gave life.The silver light of the slamming shot fell among the few people, in the hands of a young and beautiful woman.That woman is naturally a fantasy. Fantasy took up the silver bracelet that flew back, and whispered through the distance of hundr

eds of miles They don t owe each other.When she finished, she turned and left with her guard.Although her voice is not heavy, she believes that the knowledge of Ye Han can be heard.It is actually her However, after Ye Han left her, bottom of face masks she suddenly remembered the identity of the woman, and Face Cover she could not help but frown.It is reasonable to say that the Magic is in his eyes the person on the other side of the white mask face foggy city, and also his enemy.I did not expect that the two of them saved each other mask 2 nintendo power once inexplicably.Chapter 427 is rude Anyway, they have already left, and they will not be able to say it in the future.Ye Handuo thinks Face Cover it is useless. Now he still goes to Xuanwei to see what is bet.ter. After Face Cover the heavy sacred tower best woodworking dust mask took Shouyi into it, he immediately flew to the front of Ye Han and Face Cover took him in.Immediately, the heavy tower Face Cover will lush face masks ice Face Cover once again fly to the depths of the Devils Mountains.In the heavy tower, Ye Han asked How come the guy is Face Cover not expected to give Face Cover in so easily Xuan Wei said We don t need it to give in, just refining it into essence, and letting you swallow refining is enough.Ye Han

Face Cover

said quickly Don t suddenly think that this guy has been practicing for thousands of years, and it is a pity to kill it.It is best to find a way to tame it. He now really wants to tame such a powerful and unruly monkey.His Highness is justified. Mo Qiu said quickly and on the side, Now we are all enemies, and if we can Face Cover tame this life, we can also have a powerful boost.Xuan Wei thought Face Cover a little, and could not help but nod.Yunlin said However, Shouyi Face Cover is not Face Cover so easy to tame Face Cover Although she doesn t know much about Shouyi, she also knows that no one has ever tamed such an elf.Ye Hanwen couldn t help but frown. Shouyi really wants to be able to conquer.At that time, the descendants of the heavy Xuan faction would not just choose to suppress it, but did not convince it.Xuan Wei seems to have seen the thoughts in Ye Hanxin, but he smiled a little and said I don t know if anyone else can accept this life, but I know that if you come, Face Cover the cha.nces of success should be great. Oh, Ye Han looked surprised.What is this Because you have something that the heavy mystery has never had before.Xuan Wei said w

ith a mysterious Face Cover Face Cover smile. Ye Han brow wrinkled and thought about it.Heavy Xuanpai never had something that someone had ever owned.The Emperor Face Cover of Heaven, the Witch Emperor, or the mutated soul, Ye Han, thought twice, but they all felt that lab safety mask it was unlikely.Suddenly, guys wear face masks Ye Han s eyes are slightly bright, Zhang mouth said What do you mean is the national movement Yes, Xuanwei nodded.You still pulmosan respirator don t understand the true mystery of this national movement.The most powerful role of a country s air transport is not only to strengthen your body, but to control it.As long as it is the birth Face Cover of a creature within the boundaries of the country, especially the mountain spirits, the National Games has a tremendous suppression of it.Ye Han thoughtfully So, the purpose of subsealing to us is to let us use it to cope with the dragons that have changed.It should be right. Xuanwei diy photo face masks Face Cover nodded Face Cover and continued, Face Cover Shouyi is also an elf, and it was also born within n95 rating on the mask the territory of the Purple Emperor Dynasty, so the national movement you control is also grea