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Gloves use once the Netherstorm comes, the average person can t control his breath, and it s harder to absorb half of the energy Gloves to restore his strength.At this time, only armor, robes, and tyrannical body can support it to survive the Netherstorm.You want to live, it is not impossible, just see if you can make me satisfied, Ye Han said to the purple robe woman.The woman slammed, and the light quickly flashed, biting her Gloves teeth, and then she put on a look of death, humiliatingly closed her eyes and said Predecessors please Ye Han saw her look as if she was to dedicate herself.She couldn t help but be speechless. This woman s brain is not small, is she imagining that someone wants to do something to her Shaking his head helplessly, Ye Han said I Gloves am not interested in you, just want you to help me find a secluded and safe place.That purple robe woman is somewhat unbelievable It s that simp.le Otherwise, what else do you want to do Ye Han helplessly ask.Thank you for not Gloves being able to kill the adults. The purple robe woman saw that he was not laughing.He immediately became Gloves overjoyed and said

with respect Gloves If your predecessors can trust me, please come with me to our Shadow City.Shadow City Ye Han quickly read through the information he got from the man s mind.He vegan diy face masks found the introduction of the Shadow City and determined that it was indeed a city closer to the city, and there should be no particularly amazon celebrity face masks strong strongmen.He nodded and said, Yes. Gloves Please come with my seniors, the purple robe medical face masks lips woman immediately began to lead the way.Ye Han took advantage of Da Ding, followed up, while walking, while chatting with the woman casually, she learned that the other person s name Gloves was Violet.When Gloves the other party asked him his name, how to assemble a nebulizer with face mask he only reported one You can Gloves call me a cold how long does feline coronavirus live outside the body man.Ye Hanzhi wants to find a secluded place, naturally because it is imperative to heal first, and then quickly repair this Kowloon Ding, otherwise the others inside are not convenient, and he is now a usable weapon.nothing. When the Gloves Kowloon Ding itself evolved too complicated, it was difficult to repair it.Although it was not the most critical operation, it was estimated that it would take a lot of time and.manage


r to repair it. And now my weapon is also destroyed.The power of the domain is also greatly damaged. Ye Han heart sighed.However, he did not regret the decision to forcefully leave the transmission channel.At least, the current situation is not very good, but he feels very practical, and if he continues to transmit, he is not sure what danger he will encounter Gloves if he or she will be sent to somewhere.Life is still quite realistic in your own hands As the violet moved quickly toward the Shadow City, Ye Han was further digesting the vast amount of information he had just got from the man s mind.This bloody mainland is indeed a bit special, and there are also many taboos.For example, flying on this bloody Gloves continent, the height must not exceed three kilometers, otherwise there will be the danger Gloves of being shredded Gloves by the outer void storm.For example, there are many strange and empty beasts lurking in the bloody mainland, which may Gloves suddenly come out to kill others.Not long after, Ye Han they came to the so called Shadow Gloves City not far away.At this time, they suddenly met a man, a middle age

d man.The other party and the Violet knew and quickly rushed forward.Violet feline coronavirus 7b quickly said to him This is a cold man, a guest I invited to visit our Shadow City.The middle aged man quickly gr. eeted Ye Han, Gloves but in fact, Ye Han heard him say to the disposable transparent mask violet in the voice Where is this person coming to kill him In the eyes of Ye Han, he skipped a few Gloves Gloves jokes and pretended not to know.Violet heard the man s voice but immediately said No, don t look at this person is just a king level nine order.In fact, his strength is terrible. I guess, we Gloves can only deal with Ye Qianyu adults in Gloves school resources coronavirus Shadow City.he Ye Qianyu When he what kind of respirator can i use for city smog heard the name, Ye Han couldn t help but see.So smart If he remembers correctly, his current body, the father of the thirteen princes, should be called Ye Qianyu.752. Chapter 752 Shadow Mountain City Unexpectedly landed in this quirky little world, and happened to meet someone who had the Gloves n95 face mask child size same name as Gloves his father.Ye Han feels that this fate is really a won