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Surgical Masks us courtyard of the War Hall, the Imperial Court.Although the people in the battle hall are dissatisfied, they dare not Surgical Masks say anything more.After all, now even the high ranking headquarters of the War Hall, there is news of an Surgical Masks apology, how can these little characters be At this moment, Ye Hanzheng is lying in the courtyard Surgical Masks of the Dorsett Bay.On a delicate jade stool, his head is resting on the thigh of Surgical Masks Lin Binger, and slowly watching the news from the people below.It s a bit interesting. Lin Yaner combed his hair for Ye Han and suddenly smiled Surgical Masks softly.What s wrong, Ye Han asked curiously. I don t know a bit, the royal family and Qingyunzi, Lanqingzu, what they want to do, even if Niushan became the king of war, the war hall should not send out a letter of apology because of him, Lin Yaner said.Yes, the situation that has come down this half month now makes Lin Yaner somewhat incomprehensible.Overall, whether it is Surgical Masks the royal family, or the attitude of Qingyunzi, Lanqing, seems that the feeling is too much to indulge Y

e Han After all, even if Ye Han now occupies the Cangsheng Pass, if the Royal Family unites the two top sects, it is still very easy to deal with him.However, they did not, but they agreed to Ye Han. Others.may not know much about Ye Han, but Surgical Masks Lin Yaner even knows that Ye Han Surgical Masks is coming Surgical Masks Surgical Masks from another world through reborn, but still can t understand the reaction Surgical Masks of all parties.Ye Han smiled and said Nothing, I think, they should all have somewhere to use coronavirus alerts me, so it will be like this.Where to use you, Lin Yaner is puzzled. It stands to reason that Ye Han s current strength, although it how to clean a cpap hose and face mask can kill the general king level powerhouse, Fang Tianxiao s king level nine order dust mask code for roblox powerhouse can also be defeated, but if it is against the Qingyunzi, they will Surgical Masks reach the top of the king s peak for many years.However, it is still Surgical Masks slightly inferior. Surgical Masks Lin Yaner can t think of it, Qingyunzi and others best full face respirator mask will want to tie him up because trading coronavirus of anything.Ye Han did not speak, but suddenly took out a weird feather and handed it to Lin Yaner.Lin Yaner took over

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and felt the unpredictable power at once.His heart could not help but jump, and he couldn t catch the feather.She wondered, What is this This is what Surgical Masks Di Xin Xin gave me, the so called credentials of life.Ye Han replied. Lin Yaner s face changed slightly.She suddenly remembered that the former royal strongman who claimed to have sealed the seal on Ye Han stated that Ye Han was actually a kind of combination of human and demon, and there was a worrying color in his eyes.Ye Han saw the worries in her heart and smiled ligh.tly and said Do not worry, I am not a demon, not a monster of half man and half demon Lin Yaner sighed a little, and immediately she felt more doubts in her heart Surgical Masks and asked That is this Obviously, she has discovered that this is the feather of a certain kind of powerful bird monster, and it is related to Ye Han s life experience, Surgical Masks but I don t know what kind of Surgical Masks connection.If my guess is correct, this feather Surgical Masks should be what I call the father s mount, the feathers on the body.Ye Handao. Ah, Lin Yaner suddenly

stunned, and Mei Yan suddenly got the boss.Rao is that she face masks on stick has always been very trusting in Ye Han.At this moment, she can t help but Surgical Masks cotton dust mask mock up feel unbelievable.You must know that the light radiated Surgical Masks how to use loreal face mask from the feathers, she can feel the strength of the demon strong, at least has reached the top level of the king so that it can be compared with Qingyunzi, Lanqing and others.The tyrannical existence Surgical Masks is only his father Surgical Masks s mount, how strong is his father Ye Han did not explain much, but suddenly Surgical Masks sat up straight, closed his eyes, and slowly released the huge force in his body that was suppressed by Tianwei.In the next moment, Lin Yaner suddenly saw the air purification mask 3m eyebrows of Ye Han, Surgical Masks and a touch of purple awns slowly emerged.She suddenly felt a Surgical Masks shock, because her spiritual feelings, even if Ye Han has kasco respirator been repeatedly controlled, this force still makes her feel ve.ry terrible. She carefully stared at the purple mans, and saw it in a vague way.There was such a purple figure. The purple man s footsteps are golden winged and Dapeng, and the whole body